Blogger strikes again

Yes, I know, I really ought to get off Blogger. I’m guilty of taking the path of least resistance here, but I suppose I’m going to have to give it more consideration, and sooner rather than later. Because this place just keeps getting better and better. Every. Time. I. Turn. Around.

Normally, Blogger will send me an email when I have a comment awaiting moderation. At some point, something fritzed, and by sheer accident I just found 7 comments, some over 30 days old, awaiting moderation. Merde.

They’re all now moderated and posted. On behalf of the Google behemoth, you have a sincere “We don’t care, we don’t have to; you’re the product and we give you this crap for free, so what do you want?” On my part, sorry about that.

As for me, I’m going to see if a setting got untwiddled. If that isn’t it, I’ll simply have to remember to look every couple of days for comments.

4 thoughts on “Blogger strikes again

  1. I've looked at it before. The first thing I have to get past is that I have to learn something new, and quite a bit of it. That initial look was when I was still employed, and since that's now not a thing, maybe I'd be willing to try it. The second thing is that the free version is even more cookie cutter (as far as I could tell) than Blogger, and that's a drawback. The third thing is if I want to have some level of control and customization, I'm going to have to start paying for this place. That's something that has never been contemplated since Post #1 was made. As I have too many hobbies that are too expensive as it is, I don't need another one that costs money. If this place starts costing money, I figure I'll just give everyone a cheery wave and lock the doors. The budget line has to be drawn somewhere, and here is as good as any.

    Of course, this attitude does limit my choices rather dramatically. I guess I could start allowing ads on the blog to pay for it, but that's something I promised myself would not happen. So here I sits, wondering just how to proceed. I looked at hosted WordPress solutions the other evening, and it appears that most of the range in price from $7-9/month at the low end, which is about all I'd really need. Still not willing to pay for it.

    Still thinking. It's possible that Blogger is as good as it gets for free. More suggestions welcome.

  2. I feel your pain. I would have to look to see how many years it's been since I left Google and Blogger behind. And WordPress was good choice. Also free. Also inflicts ads on folks not using an ad blocker.

    The customization you can do on the free plan is limited, But it works. It is free. You can schedule posts, pick categories, etc. etc. (The import from Blogger never worked right for me, but like I said, that was years ago.)

    The only real downside is that they keep "improving" things. Except of course I don't think a lot of the stuff adds up to improvement. Still, the let me (mostly) control the HTML – constrained by the Cascading Style Sheets. Oh, and their image "library" sucks. But they aren't likely to do anything about it, even though everyone tells them that.

    Best of luck. As Tam at View from the Porch would say, it is unfortunate when the free ice cream goes bad.

  3. We get our entertainment and intellectual diversion where we get them. I already overlook ads on a number of other locations. If you decide that you need to allow ads here, I will be willing to overlook them as well. The value received would be worth the extra effort. Who knows, I might just click on one that catches my eye and see where it takes me.

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