Keeping up on the comings and goings of Wuflu

Based on all the information I can find, Wuflu is irrevocably loose upon the land. While the WHO disagrees (they think there’s still time to stop Covid-19, which I call Wuflu, from continuing its spread), I firmly believe pandemic is at our door.

I understand that the medical professionals have certain definitions of “pandemic”. I also believe that the data from China, and potentially other sources, would tip the scales if what we were getting was accurate.

I’m doing an inordinate amount of reading and watching on the subject, along with associated subjects such as “What the hell do I do when the Wuflu comes to town?” Mrs. Freeholder is unfortunately in the grip of normalcy bias. She may have sprained her eye-rolling muscles last night as I watched this:

You should invest time in watching the Peak Prosperity YouTube channel. Chris Martenson is a PhD in neurotoxcicity. Not an epidemiologist, but medically knowledgeable. He is also up on his economics, and is throwing that into the mix as well.

Dr. John Campbell is also doing good work on the same subject, but with a different emphasis and presentation. Yesterday’s video:

Dr. Campbell is a medical educator with experience in Third World countries. I may start watching him in front of Mrs. Freeholder and watch Peak Prosperity at other times.

ZeroHedge is also a good source on the subject. As Gab user @CleanupPhilly put it in a reply to one of my posts, “Lulz ZeroHedge has been killin’ it. Their motto is coming true.”

I expect to start some arguments in my home very soon, probably when Mrs. Freeholder notes the pantry is filling up far past normal levels. That will be what it will be. Time is running short. You don’t want to be caught in the panic when the authorities announce a mandatory quarantine in your area.


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