New bang

Ruger finally has an entry in the double stack, compact 9mm pistol category. The new Ruger Max-9 favors a pistol I’ve been carrying for some time, the LC9S Pro. But at 10+1 or 12+1, depending on magazine choice, you get 3 or 5 rounds more in a package that is essentially the same size and a bit heavier. The slide is cut for your choice of red dot sight.

Rich Grassi has shot it; his thoughts are here (bottom of the page).

I wish they’d brought this out before I hitched my wagon to Sig’s P365 XL. I’m not unhappy with the Sig, but I’ve been carrying Rugers for some time, and I still am as I work my way up on the Sig.

I still want to handle one, just to see. You know, just in case. 🙂

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