More on the ARRL and the Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct

It’s weird how things work. I had looked earlier this week for more information on the subject of the ARRL’s new Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct (originally noted here), because I was curious if anything else had surfaced. I didn’t find anything with a quick search, and honestly I wasn’t surprised–the ARRL has made it obvious they don’t want to discuss the subject.

So today I’m looking for something else on and what do I find? Yeah, more on the subject. There is a December 4, 2017 post noting a Ham Radio Now (Yes, I ought to subscribe, but there are only so many hours to listen to podcasts) on the subject of the Code of Conduct. I haven’t listened to the entire thing yet; I’ve put it on pause to drop this post on the blog. So far, things are not being very complimentary for the League. I can’t say I’m surprised.

From the QRZ post, it seems that the League is working on silencing opposition to this ill-conceived policy. This really ought to raise eyebrows among the membership, as it would tend to indicate, at least to me, that there is more at play than the stated goal of a need for a code of conduct.

There’s still the better part of a year before I have to make a final decision, but it appears the ARRL is going to be assisting me in trimming the household budget a tiny bit this fall. According to numbers I’ve found, they have roughly 175,000 members. I wonder just how bad a, say, 10% drop in that number would hurt? It is winter time and the bands are deader than usual due to the solar minimum, so hams have time on their hands. Some organization will go a long way in a few months.

Just sayin’.

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