Brevard County (FL) Sheriff Wayne Ivey Gets It

I wish I could embed this video, but it’s on Facebook, so yeah. (Thanks to True Blue Sam for the lesson in how to embed videos from Facebook. I never knew you could do that.) Still, you should go watch it, if for nothing else to see what an elected official who actually understands the situation and who trusts the citizens who put him in office looks like.

For the record, he’s warning folks that in the light of the ever increasing terrorist threat, they need to get their carry gun on. Oh, and by the way, if you need help with that, his department teaches a course, free of charge.

Hell, I’d consider moving just to be able to vote for the guy.

1 thought on “Brevard County (FL) Sheriff Wayne Ivey Gets It

  1. Click on the Sheriff's name under the video and it will come up on his Facebook page. That post will now have a rectangle around it, and at the upper right is a downward pointing arrow. Click on the arrow and you get a menu with Embed as one of the options. Grab that and drop it in your post when you are in html mode for editing.

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