I have got to close some of these browser tabs

I’ve been keeping these open, planning on writing something long and likely overly pedantic about them. Lucky you, I’ve been busy (early spring, huzzah!), so you’re getting them short form.

A thread from m14forum.com that will allow you to date your M1A if your serial number is 000001-100000. Handy if you own an M1A in this serial number range. Unfortunately the link to serail numbers above this range no longer works, and the Wayback Machine doesn’t have a copy of it.

A treatise on “Why You Should Read Classic Literature” from Men of the West. Short version–Hollywood lies. I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am about that piece of news. Also a very interesting and wide-ranging site; I’ve added them to the blogroll. Be prepared to spend a lot of time there….

From Deep Code, it’s “Situational Assessment 2017: Trump Edition”.  Another view of the phenomena that is Donald Trump and his election to the Presidency. Deep Code is another site you can get lost in, but I’m less sanguine about making them a permanent link. They’re on Medium, and as far as I’m concerned, Medium is…suspect.

How to build and train your own personal bullshit detector. One of the more useful personal skills I can think of. Consider subscribing to Charles Chu’s Open Circle. I find at least one thing of value every week. Yes it’s on Medium, and Medium’s suspect. I still find it useful.

Finally, a really fun piece to read, “Shoving Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Right Back in the Left’s Ugly Face”. Yes, we’re still having some schadenfreude over the election, but the main point is something that I’ve been saying for a while–Alinski’s rules work for anyone and in any direction. I’m not one to believe in this “lowering yourself to their level” line of BS. If you have to wrestle with a pig, you have to get down in the mud.

OK, tabs cleared for now. Carry on.

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