A fake solution to fake news

In the wake of Donald Trump’s thumping of Hillary Clinton and the need to find someone or something to pin it on (because it couldn’t possibly be that she was the most disliked candidate in history), social media and the mainstream media latched onto the concept of “fake news” as one explanation for the loss. In case you haven’t heard about this concept, fake news is a news story that is provably untrue using objective facts. Good with that so far?

So Facebook, Twitter, Google and the like have formed an “industry group”, whose work is funded by groups tied to the likes of George Soros, dedicated to identifying fake news stories so that they can bury them on their services. This group is made up of the likes of Snopes, Politifact and ABC News.  No identifiable bias there. Starting to get nervous yet?

I have dragged you over that freshly salted broken glass so you have some background for this piece, where the gunnies’ favorite academic, Dr. John Lott, dismantles this entire fake news filtering business, especially as it pertains to guns, and points out that once again, the left is resorting to censorship when it can’t resort to facts.

Here’s where you can get in on the action.  If you are on one of the social media sites, remember that your eyeballs are what they are selling. They want to draw people in so they can put ads in front of them.  That’s their revenue model. We can disrupt that model if we wish. Send their support idiots messages telling them that if this goes through, you’ll be removing your account, and then follow through if they do.  Yes, it might be hard. I know there are some history-related groups that I will miss, and it will be more difficult to keep up with out-of-state friends. But it’s a small price to pay for your freedom.

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