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Those you who have been reading the blog for a while know that I occasionally bring you an article from John Mauldin.  John is one of those seriously smart fellows with whom I may occasionally disagree but always pay attention to.  I learned that habit from…John Mauldin.  (Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?)

By the way, read his Thoughts from the Frontline for this week.  Scary.

John recently teamed up with George Friedman to start up a new newsletter, This Week in Geopolitics.  Mr. Friedman is also a seriously smart fellow, as you might expect the founder of Stratfor to be.  I’ve often suggested that you sign up for Mr. Mauldin’s free newsletters, and I’m seriously suggesting that you sign up for This Week in Geopolitics.  You may disagree with Mr. Friedman’s analysis of history, but it’s still a very cogent take on how our crazy world came to be and worth your time.

Being prepared isn’t only buying gear, taking classes and learning skills.  It means that you have to keep up with the current affairs that shape the world we’re living in.  Where we are and how we got there is important.  Knowing this may give you that bit of insight that puts you ahead of the pack in determining the difference between another “normal” Wall Street gyration and Wall Street being redeveloped for a park.

Think of it as homework.  Don’t get a zero on you homework.

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