Dear China,

If the OPM database didn’t give you enough information, try the Real ID database.  It ought to be just what you need.

I suppose when my current NC driver’s license is renewed, I’ll have to look into what it takes in terms of documents to get the BS Real ID version.  I can tell you that I will not open myself up to the fun and games a number of my acquaintances are suffering through because of the OPM breach.  I may simply have to acknowledge that I have flown on my last commercial flight.  Not a big deal, the last time I flew was…2008 maybe?

I wonder how they will handle it when someone needs to go into a Federal building for business and doesn’t have the super-special license?  Will they come out and do business in the lobby, or will we be denied their services?  Either way, this will get hysterical fast.

I’m not even”SMH” at this point.  I’m wondering where I go to get my country back.  Or is that even possible at this late date?

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