Pulling an all-nighter

In my more youthful days, pulling an all-nighter meant that I had either found myself one hell of a party, that I had drawn a seriously crappy duty or that I had allowed myself to get way behind on some important work and was playing catch up.

Later on, it meant that something in my life had gone seriously pear-shaped.  The last all-nighter I can recall had to do with my late father’s unexpected entry into the hospital and the need to care for a bedridden mother while spooling up in-home care folks and going back and forth to the hospital to check on my Dad.  Yeah, that was all sorts of fun.

This time, it’s because the damn migraines have went off the rails (again) and the neurologist has “suggested” that I have an EEG.  This suggestion is driven by the rather odd dreams I have been having for some time and which have now taken it in their mind to turn into nightmares.  This is apparently a Bad Sign, and given that migraine sufferers are 3x more likely to have a seizure disorder than you normal folks, it seems I’m due for a visit with yesterday’s version of High Tech.

I do have the comfort of knowing that with an EEG we are at least not looking for something truly nasty like a tumor.  We’re just on the hunt for one of a number of seizure disorders, from epilepsy on down the list.  Oh joy.

Personally, I think we’re on a wild goose chase, seeing as how I don’t have any of the other signs, such as waking up having bitten my tongue or incontinence.  I don’t have any lost time while awake, other than screwing around with the Internet.  However, we have to rule this out, and they want to see what happens while I’m sleeping, so in order not to inconvenience the techs, I get to stay up all night so I can in theory fall asleep for them in the morning.  Knowing me and my preferred sleep patterns, good luck with that.  You have just moved me to my preferred schedule in one day.  And I’ll play hell getting back on a normal schedule.

There is some benefit to this, though.  I’ve got time to write this little note to those of you who still inexplicably stop by to read my occasional output.  I’ve had time to walk through some of the blogs I link to and see what those folks are up to.  And I’m going to do a sort of not-tab-clearing-but-tab-clearing post of some things I have found that you may find of interest.  Which, given the way blogging software works, you’ll see before you see this.

Gotta love it.

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