Yeah, about those disruptive forces

It seems that Drudge has a lot of articles talking about this very thing on this fine Sunday morning:

  • Trump as the warrior male:  Paleo this and that seems to in these days, so why no paleopolitics?
  • Why Donald Trump Won’t Fold:  The New York Times thinks its a cult of personality.  People like his in the face attitude.  Hmm…kinda sounds like the first article, now doesn’t it?
  • The Bernie Boom:  The Wall Street Journal issues a report on a man who seems to be a likable grandfather-ish candidate, who seems to be a bit surprised at his own success as a candidate for president.

So we have The Donald as this larger-than-life, can say just about anything without getting into hot water candidate, and Bernie as this lovable but slightly eccentric grandfather that representatives of the other side can’t bring themselves to criticize.

You know, I hope this is the 2016 election.  Not only will it be the most fun thing to watch–EVER!–but it will absolutely confound the hell out of the rest of the world.

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