Disruptive influences

Sorry for the lack of posting–you work in “higher education” and the start of fall semester is a killer.  At least we now have all the baby darlings back and ensconced in their dorms, er, excuse me, “residence halls”.  Now they can spend the next few months drinking, screwing and getting tattooed safely out of sight of the parental units, and maybe, just maybe, getting something that looks like an education in the process.  No, I’m not cynical at all.

I haven’t been so busy that I can keep up with the news.  While I am watching with no small interest the economic gyrations involving China and it’s Amazing Disappearing Economy, the thing I’m finding the most interesting is our current political scene, and the presidential candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Bless their hearts, these two may be the best hope the country has had in years.  If they keep it up, they may give a large fraction of the professional political class in the United States a well deserved massive myocardial infarction.  They are upsetting the carefully laid plans of the political establishment to run Hillary Clinton against Someone Marginally to the Right of Hillary Clinton, and the professional political class is absolutely at a loss at what to do about it.

Of course, Hillary isn’t helping them much.  Her bathroom email server escapade just isn’t going to go away quietly.  It would have been better if she’s just come out and said she was a lesbian or a transsexual.  She would have been a hero.  But running a insecure server in a bathroom and larding it up with over 60,000 classified messages?  Even a Clinton is going to have a hard time with that one.

The cast of characters auditioning for the Someone role is pretty uninspiring, and was likely to lead to the largest election lack of turnout in recent history.  I know I wouldn’t go to vote for any of the losers candidates.  And when you can’t get someone like me, who votes out of this idiot feeling of duty to go vote (Good grief, I held my nose and voted for McLame, fer Pete’s sake!), the Professional Repblicans had better start being concerned.  Hrumph, hrumph.

But then our boys Trump and Sanders throw their hats into the ring, and Oh Emm Gee.  Bernie the Unrepentant Socialist is energizing the Far Left Crazies in the Democrat Party like no one since Stalin.  Trump is being his usual brash self-promoting self and fed up alienated former middle class people are loving his illegal alien rants.

Republican and Democrat political operatives are buying antacid by the case.  The media is trying to help both parties out, but when Megyn Kelly flopped miserably in attempt to snare The Donald during the first Republican debate on Fox, then was pretty nastily put down by Trump the next day and all the vindictive spew aimed at Trump to “apologize” only made him triple down…well hell, those former middle class folks only cheered him that much more.  He’s just doing what they’d like to do and don’t have the opportunity to do–stick it in the face of the people who hold them in contempt.

In the meanwhile, Sanders is making the Democrats sweat blood, because he is saying all the things in public that they speak of in private.  My God (well, if they believed in one), can’t somebody shut that guy up?  He’s spilling the beans!  Pretty soon everyone is going to know our cunning plans!

These two have taken the normally predictable political landscape of the primaries, tossed it into a blender and turned the thing up to “puree”.

While I’m not sure I want either one of them for President (I sure as hell don’t want that assclown Sanders.  Trump…well, he can’t be much worse than Obozo.), they do say we get the government we deserve.  After the stupidity we’ve exhibited in the last few elections, maybe that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

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