Thinking ahead

Looking for something else, I ran across these on Amazon.  Cheap enough, and it couldn’t hurt to have a few handy against need.

Don’t forget the necessary lag bolts to bolt them into the king studs, some good 2x4s and the appropriate tools for installation.

The things we may need in the coming days.  Pretty damn depressing.

1 thought on “Thinking ahead

  1. While I agree these would be good for keeping a door closed… the doors are probably not the most vulnerable place in you house's perimeter. And 3 or 4 door stops (piece of wood cut at 30 degrees) will keep them closed.

    Windows. Unless you have Dade-county hurricane-rated windows…

    Wood or vinyl siding? The hardest part is picking through the insulation. The OSB offers no resistance. If your house is brick, well that's a start.

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