Here’s a little something to consider when you look at presidential candidates

Long-time readers know that I have went from being a GOP supporter to a position that the GOP is pretty much the Democrat Party in nicer suits.  You also know that I think Democrats should, for the good of the world, be locked up for life as incorrigible offenders.  My personal preference for president would be a random person press-ganged into service and promised time off for a job well done.  Hell, this method couldn’t be much worse than what we’ve had for the last 6+ years.

In a rare-for-me-these-days wander about the blogosphere, I found an interesting list of potential presidential candidates and their acknowledged numbers of owned guns.  I think this is a good indicator of character, given my belief that a true supporter of the Second Amendment will likely be a support of the rest of the Constitution as well.

So we see Graham in the lead with an acknowledged 12 guns.  Great Bleeding Ghu, I used to take that many to the range for an afternoon of fun.  The Republic is truly doomed.

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