When the hunter becomes the hunted

(Via the Mississippi Rebel)

I’m not a hunter.  I haven’t been hunting in 40 years.  I have nothing against the sport, I just have nothing for it in particular.  I can tell you this–I would likely not have fared as well as this 12 year old girl fared while on an elk hunt.  Because as the hunter, I would not have expected to have become the hunted.

This has applications in self defense.  If you have been through any sort of self defense training, you should have been taught that you must scan your surroundings after you have engaged an attacker.  Yes, you have stopped the threat–and the adrenaline is pumping, you’re shaking, your vision has narrowed and you can’t hear shit.  You still have to scan around you.  The miscreant you just ventilated may have friends handy.

Don’t become the hunted twice in one encounter.  You may not fare so well the second time.

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