So sue me

I’ve been trying for weeks to come up with some novel peice of news that I could rif off of to use this link I found.  But I simply can’t find one.

So if you find freeze-dried foods too expensive for your prepping budget, you might want to talk to a few friends and go in together on a personal freeze drying machine.  Yep, it’s pricey, but split 4 ways it will set you back the price of a nice AR.  And able to dry 2 #10 cans per 24 hour batch, this thing would allow 4 families to put back some serious food in a hurry.

Something to consider once you’re squared away in most of the basic areas.

One thought on “So sue me

  1. Interesting… I would probably add a couple of hundred for a nitrogen system so you could fill the cans with nitrogen before sealing. (Just a tank, regulator, wand, and few other things.)

    I actually find Costco has fair prices, and since they last 20 or 25 years… Order online only. I don't eat the stuff regularly. A year before it will expire, I will donate it. and Buy new. Assuming we make it the next 25 years.

    What is your solution for seeds? I suppose I should start a garden in the spring. Not much of a gardener….

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