Merger? Hostile takeover?

If you’re interested in the hard core of Second Amendment advocacy, then you keep up the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.  Founded by the late Aaron Zelman, this is a group that could make Gunowners of America look wishy-washy.

In between everything else going on in my life, I’ve been trying to keep up with what at first seemed to be a BS little story that the Second Amendment Foundation was going to, for lack of any better term, “buy” JFPO.  I have to admit I pretty much blew it off as someone’s fevered imagination having a particularly bad night.

Turns out that I was wrong, and that this is really happening.  While I don’t have as negative a view of SAF (or the NRA) as some folks, I am quite aware that they are not uncompromising in their positions.  Both have been, at times, a bit too ready to play politics with our inalienable rights.  Having been around for a while, I know that it’s something that tends to come and go, right now more on the “come” at SAF and “go” at the NRA.  I also know that having groups like JPFO around helps keep them honest when the chips are down.

Claire Wolf, long a friend of JPFO, has probably the best information on her blog.  Right now, it seems that there is a group, perhaps a sizable group, that is trying to keep JPFO moving along the path its founder set for it.  I have to wish them well.

This is something to keep up with.  Seriously.

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