Range Theatrics

Not sure if that’s what I would have named this, but I can’t argue with the message in the video.  Train like you fight was a mantra I first picked up in the military, and I’ve seen nothing that tells me that it’s inaccurate in the 30 years since.

One thought on “Range Theatrics

  1. Um … my 'practice' is to compete in USPSA matches, and I admit that when I have completed a stage .. I don't typically retain my pistol in an aggressive/defensive 'mounted' posture.

    Shucks, I'm just pleased to get some range time in to reinforce my gun-handling techniques. Trying to establish 'defensive pistol' skills is outside my skill set.

    At home, I have other skill sets which I don't practice frequently; as long as I know how to work the gun, I don't worry about. How many ways can you learn to do a "Tap/Rack/Bang" drill? As long as I know the gun is always loaded and at hand, I'm comfortable with my 'readiness' status.

    On the other hand, I don't forget to reload when I can (which is when I'm not presented with a "shooting problem"), and I don't worry where that depleted magazine falls; I've got another one right here. I'll pick up the discarded magazine when there is no threat, and when I pick up the gun I grab the magazines too. Never mind where I stash them; pants or pajamas, if I have a waistband I have a poke a spare magazine.

    … and if I have to go immediately to a reload, I'm probably already so far in over my head that I'm "exacting retribution" more than I can hope to 'defend myself'; I may go down, but I won't go alone.

    I learned my gun-handling skills over 30 years competing in IPSC. I may not have drilled myself to automatically seeking cover/concealment (plaster walls .. what cover is that in my home?) but I know how to get a gun into play and how to reload quickly.

    Am I comfortable with that? I've been shot at before, and I know you never get comfortable; the best you can do is to appreciate that your enemy is probably as frightened, and so far they have always missed.

    I have not.

    I'm seventy years old. I've outlived every one of my opponents. If you can't learn it in Viet Nam, you never will understand that worrying about the details will distract you from the Main Program:

    Kill him first. Fuck the details.

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