Sorry about the no bloggage thing

But a half-million project that’s behind, snowfall and closings that put it behinder, a week missed being sick and now getting sick again (at least I had the sense to go to the doc early this time) has pretty much screwed me for spare time.

I did manage a trip to a gun show, and with some luck you’ll get to hear about that soon.  With a bit more luck you’ll even hear about shooting the guns.

Ya’ll hang in there.  Spring’s coming some time this year.  I think there’s a law or something.  But if I ever get that groundhog in my sights, I’m telling you he’s had it.

Now I’m off to research out latest project “issue”.  Such a nice word, “issue”.  Sounds much better than “You mean we’ve found yet another undocumented feature in this fucking operating system!”

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