And once again, “the question”

So we have another spree killer (fortunately an incompetent one this time) who decides to go to a gun free zone in a state that just passed some rather draconian anti-gun laws (yeah, both of those are working so well) and in the aftermath, we get what I’ve come to call “the question”.  In my opinion it’s a dumb question, because even if you manage an answer, it doesn’t really help.

The big question still on Robinson’s mind is: “Why?” He has dedicated a team of investigators to answering it.

Look, Sheriff, even if the kid left you a detailed note, it won’t help.  You’ll be no closer to intercepting the next one before he goes off.  As it almost always happens, law enforcement will get there in time to document the act and clean up the mess.

Besides, we already know some of the “whys”, and we’re not going to do a damn thing about any of them.  One of the big ones is the ever-increasing use of psychotropic drugs on kids.  Another, and I don’t give a fried rodent’s posterior if people like it or not, is the break down of the nuclear family and the traditional value structure that it used to impart to kids.  Yet another is the types and amounts of media that kids are exposed to these days.  No, I’m not talking about the violence in it so much as I’m talking about the lack of realism in the violence.  Someone gets shot and it’s “BANG!” and they fall down.  No screaming, no blood splattering, no consequences.

It’s time, and past time, that we face reality.  These critters are out there.  They will show up in places where we least expect them.  We need to not only be ready to defend ourselves and those in our care, but allowed to have the proper tools to do so.

Because  it seems to me that rather than the intended victim trying to lead his attacker outside (nicely played, by the way), it would have been a lot better if he had been able to assist him in his quest to assume ambient temperature and end the situation then and there.

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