(Via Jerry Pournelle)

While we can argue that 22,377,600 miles isn’t all that super close on a human scale, in astronomical terms it’s pretty well a direct hit.

The earth barely missed taking a massive solar punch in the teeth two weeks ago, an “electromagnetic pulse” so big that it could have knocked out power, cars and iPhones throughout the United States.

Some of the allegations further into the article are downright frightening.

Edit, 8/2/2013 2011:  And it seems we have yet another hoax sucking in all sorts of people.  Carl Bussjaegar points us to the truth of the matter.  I’ve went out and checked myself (yeah, shoulda done that sooner) and found the same evidence in different places.  July was a very quiet month for good old Sol.

While we’re mentioning Carl, you might want to click down to his free books.  They are damn good reads, and it’s a shame that no publisher has picked him up.  And if you enjoy them, do free enterprise a favor and hit his tip jar.

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