Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Let’s see..multiple yelling men accost 3 young women in a grocery store parking lot at night, and they fairly predictably panic and try to flee.  Result?

A night in jail and charges for 3 felonies.

They should consider themselves lucky that she only grazed them with her vehicle.  I’ve taught my daughter that another name for an automobile is “2 ton battering ram”.  You have to wonder just how the Virginia ABC morons would have reacted if she had been a concealed carrier and had defended herself.

Well, no, I guess you don’t.  We’d have wound up with some dead sorority girls and an investigation that patted them on the back for doing a good job in difficult circumstances.

Don’t even try to tell me we don’t live in a police state.  I’m just going to laugh at you.  We’re all guilty–guilty as hell of 3 felonies a day.  Most of us just get away with our “crimes”.

The only good news is that the prosecutor had a fit of good sense and dismissed the charges.

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