I love it when blog content arrives via email

Or, in other words, I don’t have squat to talk about, so I’m going to point you to something someone else has written.

Both of these are from alloutdoor.com.  First, we have a brief discussion of old-fashioned, non-tacticool knives.  As the owner of some indeterminate number of pocket knives (I think they’re breeding), I honestly find them more useful than the stealthed-up ninja knives.  I carry a single blade SOG (Twitch II, if you’re curious) and  Leatherman Micra on a daily basis.  I own quite a few more, but these are my go-tos.

Second, we have a brief primer on super-de-duper LED flashlights.  While I may be a bit cool on the ninja knives, I am nothing but hot for ninja lights.  Again, I own a batch, ranging from an old C Crane that was my first LED light up to the Fenix TK-10 that lives beside my bed.  I won’t even go into some of my modded up Maglights that run at 1000 lumens (and do so for around 4 hours).  Or the several LED camp lanterns of various descriptions.  Or the LED lighting that will grace our new screened-in porch (one of these days when it’s finished).  Or the crapload of $1-$2 cheapies that are stashed everywhere.  You know, just in case.

Go have some fun with it.  Man doesn’t live by guns and stupid politicians alone, you know.

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