Farewell to The Freehold V1

I just wanted to file one more report from The Freehold V1 before packing up the computer.

Tomorrow at 9 AM, the professional movers show up to handle the truly heavy lifting–furniture, appliances and the gun safe. (Hey, I said the truly heavy lifting, didn’t I?) By lunch, we should be bidding farewell, sort of, to The Freehold V1.

We’ll be back, because there will be one or two more trailer loads of stuff to be moved. And we won’t have hot water until Wednesday (there’s a fun story for when time permits), so we’ll be returning to bathe. After that, we’re having some cosmetic work one to the old girl before listing her for sale. There will also be grass to mow and so on.

So this chapter of our lives won’t have a distinct ending. Instead, we will be revisiting it occasionally for some indeterminate time, until someone else takes up residence in our place. That’s sort of strange, because every time I’ve moved before, it’s been a clean break and I’ve not had to go back for any reason.

Thirteen years in once place is a fairly long time. As much as I’ve sworn at this house, I’ll miss it in many ways.

I’ll be back again, hopefully later this week if I can get the house network up and running.

The Freehold V1

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