Support the people who support us

(Via Claire Wolf)

In case you weren’t paying attention, the Eastern Sports and Outdoors show in Pennsylvania has been canceled due to a vendor boycott.  This whole thing started when the show’s promoter decided that Evil Black Rifles had no place at a “family-oriented” outdoors show.  Over 200 vendors, including Cabelas and the NRA decided to withdraw.  The boycott is notable because a lot of those supporting it may well lose their businesses by doing so–but they understand that all gun owners must hang together lest we hang separately.

Sounds a touch like that whole “lives, liberty and sacred honor” stuff in some document written by old dead white guys, doesn’t it? 

If you’d like to try helping these folks out, My Northeast Classifieds is the place to go.  Set up as a place for those boycotting vendors to offer their wares and the discounts they didn’t get a chance to offer the public, it has offers for hunting trips, gear, guns, ammo and more.

How about seeing if there is a little something there that you’ve been wanting, and support those brave folks who took a stand.

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