Apparently, the Reality Distortion Field is being overdriven today

And the effects on the Gun Grabbers and other anti-freedom forces is…predictable. Maestro, queue “Dancing in the Blood” in A Flat, please.

There is much in the typing (sorry, but I can’t bring myself to call it “writing”), but the number of cherry-picked facts and outright lies (sorry, but I can’t bring myself to call them “inaccuracies”) is astounding.

As many as there is, this one is my favorite:

But Time magazine tells us:

Each month American Rifleman, the journal of the National Rifle Association, features about a dozen such accounts of armed citizens defending themselves against criminals. Based on newspaper clippings submitted by N.R.A. members, the stories dramatically show how a gun can sometimes prevent a crime and perhaps even save a victim’s life.

The only trouble is that is from Time, August, 1989

The NRA’s American Rifleman Magazine doesn’t feature that news anymore, there isn’t any listing of guns saving anyone’s life on their website, just a lot of ads for weapons and accessories.

Now, I just happen to have, here on the desk, the December 2009 issue of American Rifleman. Trying to muscle my way past all those ads, with banners like “U.S. Supreme Court Revisits The Second Amendment” and “Reports From Afghanistan: Firearms On The Front Lines”, I find “The Armed Citizen” right there on page 10.

I guess the Reality Distortion Field works on vision and print magazines as well as thought processes.

Oh, and about those crime stats, which “prove” how much more dangerous Phoenix is than New York, and it’s all because of guns? Well, how about Boston, a city with strict gun control, vs. New York?

How about Chicago, another city with strict gun control, vs. New York?

Well, this isn’t looking so well for the author…How about Washington, DC, home of the strictest gun ban in the nation, vs. New York?

Damn, facts suck, don’t they?

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