Been busy at work this week

So the blogging has been non-existent.  However, I have taken time to contact both Senators and my Representative again.  Have you?

We need to keep hitting them with this message:

  • As gun owners, we refuse to allow our freedoms to be restrained because of the actions of man men and criminals.  If you want to “do something”, do something about them.
  • As gun owners, we are not interested in any compromises on our positions.  We’re telling you not no, but Hell No!  No more gun laws that don’t work.  No more surrendering our rights so that someone else can feel good.  No, no, and no again.
  • Remind them that in 1994, the most restrictive gun law in US history was passed.  A lot of those who voted for that law lost their job shortly thereafter.

We’re playing hardball.  Don’t worry about hurting the Congresscritters feelings; they have them surgically removed before running for office the first time.   Stay on message and hit them right between the eyes with it every week.

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