Chill already!

Yes, we know that the Firearms Salesman of the Century, Barack Obama, is going to surround himself with sweet-faced little innocents, Bloomburgites of all descriptions, and LEOs who would sell their own officers for another piece of bling on their uniforms and announce that he is going to drop a hammer on guns.  Got the memo, thanks.

We all know that he is going to follow his personal playbook and go for the gusto, trying to get the gun banners wet dream legislative package through, even if he has to do it by executive order.  We can’t leave the peasants armed–why, good thereisnoGod man, they might revolt!

But here’s the thing.  We are going to win this–and we’re going to do it by being better organized and more active than they are.  Every indication to the contrary, it seems that the gun banners are believing their propaganda, rather than rely on uncomfortable facts like a swelling NRA membership, states at the point of rebellion and zillions of guns and gazillions of rounds of ammo sold in the last month as indicators that maybe their view is unpopular with a majority of folks.

This will lead them into being overconfident and underestimating their enemy, things that some old Chinese guy said were generally good ways to lose a discussion (or a war).

Be smart and take advantage of this.  This Saturday, January 19th, go appreciate your guns and your civil rights.  Go shooting, go to the store and buy something gun related (ammo perhaps, if you can find some) and in general show the world that we’re out there.  Don’t be ashamed to be who you are–a gunny.  We aren’t the bad guys.  Don’t let them make us out to be.

Keep writing and calling your Congresscritters.  I’ve posted various links to help, and Ruger has made it easier still.  Keep it up.  Once isn’t going to get it done this time around.  You need to devote some of your time for the next few months to making a call, and email or writing a letter to 3 people–your Senators and your Representative.  Do it even if you know in your heart of hearts that they will go 100% with the gun grabbers–who knows, enough of us might make them realize that they might just lose those cozy jobs, and I suspect that on an individual level, they want those jobs more than they want our guns.  Do it if they are with us, to keep their spines stiffened.  Do it if they’re on the fence, to push them our way.  But do it.  They don’t keep track by name–each contact is basically a little tick mark.  So make a shitload of tick marks on our side.

Refrain from pulling a Yeager.  Nuff said there.

And keep the faith.  Yeah, it looks dark to some extent.  We haven’t been under an attack like this in years.  So?  We’ve been on a winning streak for years–maybe we’ve gotten a bit complacent.  Big hairy deal.  We’ve fought this before and we will fight it again.  We’ve known for a long time, even if we didn’t want to say it aloud, that this day would come.  Yeah, it’s going to be rough.  But I honestly think we will win.  We are not without friends in the right places, and those friends are not without resources.  Things are working for us that will never see the light of the mainstream media.  Luckily for us they don’t need to in order to work.

They think we’re on the ropes and that the tide of history is with them.  Time to prove them wrong on both counts, so we can get on with the work of taking back our civil rights.

Back at it, people.

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