A World Without Oil, anyone?

Many training exercises are based on scenarios. “You arrive home, open the door and are confronted by an intruder. What do you do?” “You’re stopped at a red light, and a man with a gun orders you out of your car. What do you do?”

How about this one…”There is a massive oil shock. For some reason, the United States is unable to import any more oil. All we have is what we produce domestically. What do you do?”

CNET News has this on a game, funded by PBS, about just this occurrence. While the details aren’t available yet, World Without Oil will go live on April 30. CNET reports “…the game will essentially encourage people to envision–through characters who are blogging and writing stories–a world in which the United States has been cut off from oil imports. Then, visitors will be urged to participate in the game by writing their own stories, creating videos or even by conjuring so-called flash mobs in U.S. cities.”

It’s an interesting premise. Could it happen? Maybe–I lived through the original oil shock, and it was an interesting time. If nothing else, we can view it like the TV show Jericho. While it isn’t realistic, it may serve to help awaken the sleepers.

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