Another day in the cross hairs

So here we sit, being bombarded by His Obamaness calling for gun control, Cerberus telling us why they’re selling Freedom Arms, Dick’s Sporting Goods living up to their name, Cheaper Than Dirt acting like Lower Than Dirt and the NRA making mewling noises while Big Media continues to cash in on the deaths of 26 people and work just as hard as it can to encourage the next copycat attempting to set a record.

Around work, I have one of my staff who bought the last AR at Walmart after having checked every one in a 100 mile radius, and who has spent most of the day trying (and pretty much failing) to find magazines and ammo.  Before anyone complains about the purchasing venue, every gun store around here seems to be sold out of ARs and .223 ammo has assumed the appearance of a myth, as have AR magazines.  The kid really felt he had little choice.  He’s afraid that if he doesn’t get it now, he never will.  I can sympathize, having felt that way in 1993, right before the AWB took effect and I couldn’t get an AR for love or money.  This is a new area for him, and I’m trying to guide him along as best I can.

I’m not quite so worried about a ban getting through as he is, although it is a very real possibility.  Politicians, being politicians, are not going to risk their re-election of an issue of our Constitutional rights–at least not until we persuade them that failing to stand up for them is even more dangerous to their long-term residency at the public trough.

One of our best and brightest, Michael Bane, has still not broken radio silence.  He says in this post that he has friends in Newtown, and I have to wonder if one or more has been a victim of the events.  He further delayed comment via his podcast until Friday.  When he finally talks, I suspect it’s going to be worth our time, though I fear what he might have to say.

I’ve been listening to the podcast version of Gun Talk, which devoted the entire 3 hour show last Sunday to the subject of what we do now and more importantly, how to do it.

This is not a time for “Here we sit, waiting.”  What it is time for is advocacy of our position.  I know some disagree with that, and say we should wait for mourning, for things to settle down a bit.  Bullshit.  Our enemies didn’t miss a beat of their traditional dance.  Distasteful that it may be to some, we’re going to have to get out there.

It’s time for us to play them the song of our people.  Time to start writing, calling and talking.  Write and call your Congresscreatures with an appropriate message.  Talk to your friends and more importantly, reach out to those who can be persuaded.  Be kind, be gentle and lead them slowly along the way toward knowledge.  (Believe it or not, I save the spittle-flying ranting for the Intertubz.  Usually.)  If you aren’t sure what your message should be, listen to that 3 hours of Gun Talk from last Sunday.  Gresham really does have some good things in that one that will help you get started.

All of us who have been around this for years are going to have to step up our game, and reach out to the younger generation and get them involved.  Most of us don’t start advocating for our rights until we’re much older, and that’s a mistake.  We need to grab our young and incorporate them into this process.  We need our enemies to see that this isn’t a bunch of fat middle-aged white guys saying this, but young men and women of all colors from all parts of this country.  We need to inundate them with numbers and be sure that they know that this isn’t going to go just like the last time.

This time, we’re fighting back.  We’re saying no, but rather than stopping there, we’re offering our own solutions to the problems.  Yes it’s a tragedy that these shootings have occurred.  It’s a shame the police couldn’t be there to stop it.  It’s a bigger shame that everyone who was present in two of the incidents was legally barred from possessing the ability to defend themselves effectively, and it’s time for that to be changed.

It’s time for schools to do more than lock the doors and hide the kids when a mad man shows up to kill.  It’s time for the teachers, administrators and staff  be allowed to take an active part in their protection.

It’s time to deal with a mental health system that cares more for the rights of the mentally ill than it does for their victims.  The latest killer’s mother knew her son needed help, but she wasn’t able to get it fast enough.  That’s got to stop forthwith.  The dangerously mentally ill are a health hazard to all of us, and have to be dealt with accordingly.

Let’s go people.  What have you done today to preserve our freedom?  What do you plan to do tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that?  Don’t just sit there, get up and act.

Our rights depend on it.

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