So, you think I should be shot?

(Via the Drudge Report)

In Haters Gonna Hate news, it seems denizens of the Twitterverse (a neighborhood I studiously ignore, being that it violates the prohibition against going to stupid places and doing stupid things with stupid people) think that the NRA and it’s members should be murdered.

Really?  You might want to remember that a lot of us have concealed carry permits, are armed and will defend ourselves.

I do, except when at work.  You see, I too work in a legislatively-mandated disarmament zone.  Like the folks in Sandy Hook, I have to depend on statistics and the police for my protection during the work day, as well as on my way to and from work.

But unlike our current nut job that the media is busy glorifying, I actually follow the law.  No gun for me at work.  I’m relatively defenseless against the nut jobs and haters.

Thank you, gun controllers, for putting me in this position.

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