Does size really matter?

(Via Gun Talk)

The Semi-Mythical One Shot Stop vs. Research.

And while I would still rather be armed with a .45 ACP than a .22 LR, if you do you part (hit the torso or the head), the .22 LR is actually a better one shot stopper than the .45 ACP when you look at the numbers.  The perennial “9mm vs. .45” discussion turns into “Would you like your warm spit in a plastic or metal bucket?”

Reading Mr. Ellifritz’s work, it seems to me that our incessant gunnie arguments of “9mm vs. .45 vs. Godzilla” are pretty much the modern day equivalent of “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”  We’d be far better served spending our time and energy finding the best pistol for our individual situation and at the range being sure that we can deliver the shots (yes, multiple shots) to the necessary target under every imaginable scenario.

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