Why could you possibly need to be armed at a concert?

(Via the Drudge Report)

Oh, I don’t know…maybe becausea pack of feral teenagers decides to target the concert goers for a little fun and games, maybe?

Here’s the deal on self defense.  You have to be prepared everywhere, all the time.  Laws that abridge your ability to do so are probably immoral and are definitely wrong-headed.  There were 23 cops at this concert to keep order, and this still happened.  There are all kinds of laws against what was done, but it still happened.

Laws that abridge our ability to defend ourselves against the lawless must go.  Now.  Politicians, get on the right side of history for an effing change.

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  1. and for those who aren't gunnies, Newark is in New Jersey- one of the most rabidly anti-gun states in the US. Even owning a firearm in that state is all but impossible, forget about having it with you when you need it…

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