Another catastrophic failure in the victim selection process

Bad guy attempts to break into the home of a veteran recently returned from Iraq. Bad guy quickly begins assuming ambient temperature.

But I am a bit ticked by the whole “…will not be charged at this time…” BS in the article. I have to wonder if that’s something they got from the police, the DA or it’s just the wishful thinking of the authorized journalist?

2 thoughts on “Another catastrophic failure in the victim selection process

  1. Incredibly biased reporting, even by the 'standards' of the Charlotte fishwrap… complete anal exam on the 'shooter' as they call him (can't call him a homeowner, resident, or victim… no, he's a SHOOTER) and zero background information on the criminal. One reason I can't stand reading that trash.

  2. It may be nothing more than a paradigm problem – someone is dead, so someone should be charged with a crime. Or, at least, that is the way our society trains us to think these days…

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