Maybe not so much

Didja ever notice how much the Left loves democracy–until it doesn’t give them the result they want?

I didn’t vote for or against the NC “Marriage Amendment”, since I don’t think the government should be involved in marriage in any way.  I simply find the whole thing to be yet another example of how We The People have become so entrapped in our alleged “two party system” that we can’t see any other way.

One thought on “Maybe not so much

  1. Typical slanted and biased news story, trying to make anyone they don't agree with look like an idiot.

    Agreed, the amendment would not have been needed if the State stayed out of the Church business. You know, that 'separation' thing they always talk about, except when they can make money or gain control with it. I didn't get married to change my status with the state, I got married to enter an agreement with my wife and my God.

    The hate, bigotry, and vitriol shown by those who claim to be the 'compassionate, caring' left has gone far beyond the pale of political discussion. They then claim that people like me- who have done nothing of the sort- are the 'problem.' I'm going to lose several friends- some of whom I've known for many years- due to these viewpoints. I'm afraid I might be better off without 'friends' such as these. Pity.

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