Well, I warned you

Yeah, free ice cream has been a bit hard to come by around here. As I expected, the new job is wearing steel-toed boots and is kicking my fat old…something or other.

I’ve tried to get up those things that I thought most noteworthy, plus a few fun things. Hopefully some things pique my interest this weekend.

I will note that the current politics, economic and other news, while interesting, just isn’t giving much to work with. I’m not sure how many more “You damn well better prep now because you won’t be able to later” posts I have left in me. I see very little to lead me to think that things will get better any time soon. On the contrary, all I see is confirmation that we had all best prepare to embrace the suck.

Ya’ll hang in there, because that’s what I’m doing–by my fingernails. Thank heaven that I enjoy my work.

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