Government employees in need of new careers

You may place Dr. James H. Johnson Jr., director of the Urban Investment Strategies Center at the University of North Carolina’’s Kenan-Flagler Business School; and Axel Lluch, director of Hispanic Latino Affairs at the N.C. Office of the Governor, on The Freeholder’s list of “Government Employees Who Need To Lose Their Jobs”.

Both were speakers at a lunch, sponsored by the Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce, on the subject of “Embracing Immigration”. [Link to local news story.]

The problem is that they want us to embrace all immigration–not just those who come legally, but illegally as well. To support their case, they trotted out the following study results:

  • 45% of North Carolina’s Hispanic population is here illegally
  • 35% of income earned by Hispanics is untaxed
  • Hispanics cost the government entitlment system $102 more per person than they contribute

I don’t know about you, but those numbers aren’t really going help the case for illegal immigration in my neighborhood.

When questioned by an attendee:

Saunders added another question, asking when it all stops. When does the flow of illegal immigrants stop coming to America to take American jobs, he asked “when America has the same standard of living as Mexico?”

Dr. Johnson had the following reply:“Close off the borders and put another $20 on the table for that shirt you’’re wearing,”” he said, stepping back from the podium and throwing up his hands.

If that’s the highest level of intellectual discourse a UNC professor can rise to, then the taxpayers, students and alumni who support that school are getting gyped.

I already knew my Federal Government isn’t interested in stopping illegal immigration. I kow know that my State Government isn’t interested, either. I can hear those third parties calling my name.

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