“…an isolated event…”

(Via the Drudge Report)


Kelly Thomas, diagnosed as schizophrenic, is beaten to death by police while multiple videos are captured of the event. The CBS story is pretty pathetic on details, but it appears to have occurred in Fullerton, CA.

The police explanation?

“We have a good department full of good individuals,” he said. “We’ve made more than half-a-million law enforcement contacts over the past 4.5 years … This is the only instance of this kind that’s happened.”

Goodrich said officers receive training on how to deal with the mentally ill and the homeless. But an attorney representing the department, Michael D. Schwartz, said that “public perception of officers’ trying to control a combative, resistive suspect rarely conform to those officers’ training, experiences, and what those officers were experiencing at the time or reality.”

Uh-huh. I wonder what Mr. Schwartz would say it it was his kid who was tased 6 times and then beaten to death?

I really want to see the video of this one and see if it matches the story’s description of events. If it does, I want to see if real justice is served. You may guess how I’m betting on both.

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