Nannies on parade

Our nannies are whining that we need to be protected from hurting our widdle selves–again.

N.C. lawmakers, who already have banned texting and emailing while driving, are considering a measure that would prohibit drivers from using cellphones unless they are doing so with hands-free technology.

Dearest Nanny, take a hike, please. Wrapping us up all safe and warm and snuggly doesn’t really help.

Similar legislation, however, has yet to influence accident rates across the country, according to studies and safety officials.

“So far, we haven’t seen laws as having an impact,” said Russ Rader, a spokesman for the Virginia-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

But the facts are, Nanny isn’t interested in our safety, as always, she’s interested in control.

Democratic Rep. Garland Pierce of Scotland County, the chief sponsor of the cellphone ban, has said the extra limitations will help in protecting the public.

I guess our Nanny is better than those other states’ nannies. Because even though it hasn’t worked there, it will work here.

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