It seems that it is business as usual in Washington

Yes indeed…
The budget deal that Republicans and Democrats negotiated Friday night is for 2011 and funds the government through the end of September with $38.5 billion in spending cuts.

Now let’s do a bit of math. Let’s assume that we actually have the entire month of April left, just to make things simpler. That means they just funded the Federal government for 6 months with a $38.5 billion cut from what was originally proposed. That works out to $6.417 billion per month, or $77 billion for an entire year.

Out of a projected $3.834 trillion for the 2011 budget.

And this is somehow some great effing victory for “fiscal sanity”? In what bizarre alternate plain of reality is that true?

We’ve just gotten screwed again. Time to start tossing the next bunch of bastards out.

One thought on “It seems that it is business as usual in Washington

  1. The President sent out a personal letter some government employees (so I heard) thanking for their "forbearance" in the proceedings as many of them were going to be laid off.

    Forbearance does mean patience, it also means the will giving up of ones rights or the willful failure to call in a debt owed to you. NOT the best choice of words.

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