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…But don’t go on the television and tell me that in an area where the houses and roads have been destroyed, harbors filled with debris and water, gas and electric mains destroyed, that I should mostly be worried about “radiation,” especially when the affected area had already been largely evacuated. There are people in Japan still missing meals, without proper sanitation or sufficient water and these are immediate concerns about which something can be done.

In never ceases to amaze me how the blogosphere usually manages to come up with more realistic and balanced views on the occurrences of the day than the professional media. (And my fellow preppers are even worse. I can’t even go in Timebomb right now without wanting to Stooge Slap 100 idiots per page.)

That’s not to say the situation in Japan isn’t bad, although it really isn’t. It’s half past horrific and heading down in a hurry. (Link via SurvivalBlog.) Every critical human need from shelter to food and water is in short supply and getting shorter–and snow’s on the way. The Japanese are suffering like they haven’t since our grandfathers had to teach them that military adventurism was a Bad Thing.

So can we shut up about the radiation, runs on potassium iodide/iodate pills and so on? Because that’s all a side show when people are freezing in the dark.

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