In the country formerly knowns as Great Britain…

(Via Survival Blog)

Man finds a “gleaming” round of .22 LR, PSH immediately occurs.

Do you realize how much fun you could have over there with a milk carton of Remington Golden Bullets–and you’d never have to actually fire one.

1 thought on “In the country formerly knowns as Great Britain…

  1. Not too long ago bunch of us were in the AWACS parking lot on Elmendorf AFB (a restricted area off the ramp). One of the guys in the Squadron had a rifle he was trying to sell and we were all taking turns fondling it while standing out in the open. A sky cop came driving up rather quickly. He got out of the car with a sense of purpose, walked swiftly over to the group of us and said “is that for sale”? I think the time has come for the English to officially drop the “Great” from the beginning of their name. I think Horrendous, Unimportant or Ridiculous Britain would be a more appropriate title.

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