And now for something completely different

Back in the day (ahem) I was one of those Jeff Foxworthy types–“We may be starvin’ but we got tunes!” I had a 7′ tall set of shelves that held it all, including several hundred albums. (For you youngins out there, albums are what we had before CDs and way before the Intertubz showed up and morons compressed music into MP3s with all the audio range of the average primal scream. Now get off my lawn!)

A while back, you may remember that I negotiated a trade for a Pioneer SX-1250. I was looking around for some information on other Pioneer recievers, and the boys at Audio Karma recommended I visit the Silver Pioneer Reference site.

Mrs. Freeholder has decreed that I wipe up all the drool on my desk as soon as I finish looking….

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