Circle July 6 on your calendar

By now, you probably know that Jericho, the CBS show chronicling what happens in a small Kansas town after a nuclear terrorist attack, has been given a reprieve. I didn’t note it here, because by the time I did so it was going to be long out of date, and I figured you’d seen it elsewhere.

But I will note that Jericho returns on July 6. The first show on that date is a repeat to get us back in the groove and, I suspect, gauge the potential ratings of the new episodes. New shows start July 13 at 8PM EDT, with an hour-long recap followed by a new episode.

Now I know the show has been criticized for starting off slow and having less-than-stellar writing. However it’s still better, IMHO, than most of the dreck on the idiot box, and I think it deserves our support. If nothing else, it’s gotten some new people to think about the unthinkable, and that’s got to be a good thing for us all.

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