Left Wing Spew

In the wake of the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, there has been a virtual torrent of hatred and spin spewing into the Intertubz courtesy of those on the Left. “It’s the Tea Baggers/Sarah Glenn Limbaugh/Right Wing Haterz/other conservative villain of their choice who shot Gabrielle Giffords! Hang ’em!” Hell, even the local sheriff had to spew forth his (IMHO ill-informed) version of the current screeching points.

However, there are those who are pointing out that the left is guilty of everything they are accusing us of, plus a couple of extras (and, as one link noted, trying to shove the evidence down the memory hole).

I am way past sick and tired of this sort of nonsense, which tends to come more from them than from us. The continual whining about hate speech polarizing the country and how horrible it is and how it’s going to cause a breakdown of society is getting old, especially when they are the primary culprits.

What a huge group of deliberate hypocrites. If they’re really concerned, then they should STFU. That will reduce the problem at least 90%.

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