Have you noticed?

In the wake of the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and others, a certain group of folks are absolutely foaming at the mouth that “Sarah Palin put a target on her–it’s her fault!”. I’ve also seem various comments that blame Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other well-know conservative media figures. (I’m still waiting for someone to blame George Bush, however.)

But you know who we don’t see being blamed? Jared Loughner, the shooter. I haven’t seen one of the usual suspects who have gotten worked up on the subject of this wacko being at fault for shooting 18 people, 6 of who died. I view this as further proof that the phrase “useful idiots” is only half right when applied for our side’s point of view.

1 thought on “Have you noticed?

  1. Yes,blaming the right! The kid was one of theirs,Communist manifesto and Mein Kempf were 2 of his favorite books. Really it was just a disturbed kid who needed psych help! But let no crisis go unused!


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