The simple solution to TSA abuse

Much has been made in the legacy media and the blogosphere about the latest TSA abuse of the populace. A million solutions have been suggested, including one that particularly appeals to me, National Opt-Out Day. However, we ignore the simplest one: DO NOT FLY.

Note I didn’t say “easiest”. If you have to travel a long distance–across the country or to Europe, say–there is nothing easy about not flying. Of course, you can simply decide to vacation closer to home, or take a pass on that business conference, and those are really of minor impact. For the heavy-duty business traveler, this is definitely not an easy solution, as it could cause you to lose your livelihood. (You poor unfortunate road warriors get a free pass.)

However, if much of the traveling public simply decides to NOT FLY, and to NOT FLY a lot, there will very shortly be changes. The airlines, the airports, the vendors in the airports and all their suppliers, will rise up and see to it, because they will be losing their collective asses because we have chosen to NOT FLY.

And money (or the lack of) definitely speaks louder than words.

3 thoughts on “The simple solution to TSA abuse

  1. And if I may suggest for short hops, check into General Aviation aircraft. No lines, no schedule, they leave when you want. Not an option if you need to stay several days, of course, but for a one-nighter you can often find a private pilot willing to take you there for not much more than an airline ticket.

  2. I should have said might bring the prices back down to earth a bit …for AFTER they remove the requirements for ridiculously invasive screening practices.

    As long as those practices are in place, you will find me driving my own vehicle or you can book me on the Puppy. (Greyhound)

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