There may be hope for the Republican Party after all

(Via the Drudge Report)

I’ve said to many that George Bush (43) wasn’t the worst possible president; he was simply the best of a lot of poor choices. While excellent on the “killing terrorists” portion of the final exam, on issues such as government spending, he earned a solid “F”–unsurprising for someone who billed himself as a “Compassionate Conservative”. (I guess that’s the 21st century term for “country club Republican”.)

It seems that more and more people are figuring this out, and are coming to understand that running as a conservative (little “c”) is a good way to get elected in all but the bluest of states.

Former president George W Bush and the Republican party hierarchy have been denounced for betraying conservative principles by a new generation of congressmen bidding to convince voters that the Right can offer real change.

Let’s hope that this new group of Tea Party-fueled politicians are saying what they really think, and not just what they think will get them elected. Let’s also hope that the third of Americans who think of themselves as “conservatives” and a huge chunk of the wishy-washy middle actually believe them come November 2. And finally, let’s hope that if elected, they govern as they campaigned, and actually start shrinking government (rather than shrinking the rate of growth), and do it in a hurry.

Because I don’t see too many other options that don’t end in some sort of a collapse.

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