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Disaster that never was: Why claims that BP created history’s worst oil spill may be the most cynical spin campaign ever

More and more people are channeling Clara Peller, but this time the question is “Where’s the oil?” Some, obvious experts in the field, (ahem) are sure it’s out there somewhere, but no one seems to be able to find it–and they haven’t been able to find it for months (note the date on this story, whose first sentence is “What if they gave a spill and no oil came?”)

This story has been cynically spun to death by the Obama administration and a sycophantic media, all of who were intent on deeming this “The Disaster That Would Turn the Gulf Into the Sahara” so that The One could come riding over the hill with the cavalry to save the poor folks on the Gulf Coast from the evils of BP (“Big Petroleum”). Except they botched the response, then made it worse by scaring all the tourists away. By the time you add on the damage caused by their attempted drilling ban, the bill for this little debacle is staggering.

When you go to the polls in November, you might want to remember this incident and make the responsible parties pay.

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