Nazzo fast, Guido

President Barack Obama is giving himself a grade of “incomplete” for his presidency even though he says he has a “pretty good track record.”

Um, don’t think so…

President Barack Obama is giving himself a grade of “incompetent” for his presidency.

There. Fixed it for you.

But it begs a greater question–Is Barack Obama a bumbling, incompetent amateur, a kid sitting on a phone book so that he can eat at the adult table? Or is he something worse, a far-leftist who is deliberately destroying the country in order to remake it, and who has zero intention of stepping down from power when he either fails to win re-election or finishes his second term?

There are troubling stories that are pointing toward the latter. His leftist political leanings are beyond argument (except to his political fan bois.) In the best of Chicago political traditions, he has filled many of the positions around him with political cronies, loyal to him rather than to the Constitution or the law. He has committed acts that can be argued to be far beyond the power of his office, and allowed to get away with it. There are multiple stories (here’s the latest) how he and his allies plan on thwarting the will of the electorate should they lose their majority position in November.

These are the things we’ve seen in other times and in other places in history. They usually occur when a nation is about to change over to a more totalitarian form of government. (See Chavez, Hugo.)

They ignore the evidence all around them that their way has never worked, despite the number of times it has been tried. If it did, the Soviet Union would be the most powerful country in the world. Instead, it’s consigned to the pages of history books. European “democratic socialism” is failing as I write, slowly collapsing under it’s own rotten weight. The few productive individuals can not carry the many unproductive ones forever. Everyone much be productive and learn to fend for himself. Societies where this is the norm become rich; the others become history.

They believe that they are “the people we’ve been waiting for”, and that it will work this time because they’re so much smarter and better than the rest of us. Why, they have the degrees from Harvard and Yale and Cambridge to prove it. Step aside, little people, and let us “fix it for you”.

Codevilla was right, there is a class in this country who believe they were born to rule over the rest of us. They apparently believe that this is their appointed time to “fix” the system so that they can do so forever.

Are you ready to demonstrate otherwise to them? Because that may be the most important question of them all.

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